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Client Centered Focus – Our Mission

You worked hard for your money. You want to preserve what you worked hard for. There are many confusing signals out there and you don’t want to spend all your time researching all the different choices and then worry about the decisions that you have made. What if there was another alternative? Do you know all that you need to know to make the correct decision?

Other companies offer those same services, but what sets Wilson & Klenovich Financial Planning apart is not simply what we do, but how we go about what we do.


At Wilson & Klenovich Financial Planning, we care about each client’s unique individual situation. Part of that caring is knowing that there is no one right way for everybody – not even for people in the same boat in the same place. We listen to the issues that are important to you and your family, and are committed and dedicated in finding the best solutions for your particular situation. We are focused on the small details and proactively looking for all options that are available to you. This involves meeting with your accountant and attorney when necessary. That’s why we provide choices – and when we present choices, we clearly explain the advantages and limitations of each one.

At Wilson & Klenovich Financial Planning, we listen to what you want for yourself and your family, learn how you feel about the future, what you are comfortable with, how you want us to help you. It means, among other things, appreciating that what you have is important to you. Whatever you have is whatever you have. It’s your everything. We understand.


You hired Wilson & Klenovich Financial Planning to tell you what we think is in your best interest, even if it’s not what you want to hear. We don’t have all the answers, immediately, all the time. What we don’t know, we will find out.

Wilson & Klenovich Financial Planning has the talent and resources to help handle every aspect of financial planning that any client may need. We are committed to ongoing discovery and education in the financial planning field. We never assume that the old way is the correct way. We are willing to explore, dissect and test different ways of managing money and learn the tax code with its ongoing changes. Wilson & Klenovich Financial Planning uses this education to enhance each client’s individual plan.


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